Extracurricular Activities

Nothing is under your control except your volition.
These are the skills I've acquired in my leisure.

Making things pretty on the internet

Web Design & Development

Although I'm not a designer by trait, I've acquired some tricks up my sleeve throughout
the years. A website is not just a website - it needs to convert. I excell at making that happen for myself and my clients.
I'm an expert at WordPress, WooCommerce & Webflow, along with intermediate understanding of HTML & CSS.

The power of language


Without trying to sound pretentious, I am repudetly known to eloquently write my emails, texts and content with a meticulous approach, rendering people's tendency to vacillate obsolete. Now, that was just a fancy and rather ineffective way of saying; I like to use the power of language and words to deliver messages with meaning.


Adobe Products

Due to my involvement with design through my web agency, I've grown accustomed to having to use Adobe products such as Photoshop, XD, Lightroom and Premiere Pro.

Developing virtue

Psychology, Philosophy & Self Improvement

Entering a field of business which is bound to become emotional and stressful at times, being able to conquer desires is intrisic to a high quality of life. Just as the founder of the Stoic school - Zeno of Citium - was repudetely told, I too try to dye myself with the color of dead men. In essence, that means to learn from wise men who have lived before you. People of particular interest include: Marcus Aurelius, Jordan Peterson, Karl Jung and Dr. Joe Dispenza.


Pitching ideas | Validé

Beginning the third semester at the University of Stavanger, I was invited to partake in an event arranged by Validé.
I got handed a business partner, and together we managed to rank #1 after an election process by a jury, and followingly secured the money prize.

Student Organisation


Being a freshman at the University of Stavanger, I got involved with ØSF - Økonomistudentenes Linjeforening. It's a student organisation primarily for business -and economic students which I decided to join voluntarily. The organisation is responsible for arranging events for students and developing UiS's relationship with local businesses.



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